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Xerém or xarém (you can safely say it both ways) is a typical Algarve dish, but also very popular in Brazil and Cape Verde. This cornmeal…

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Piri-Piri Chicken

A presence felt in any grill-house in the country, Portuguese Piri-Piri Chicken is a cheap and delicious dish that most…

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A true staple of Algarve cuisine, cataplana is used to describe both the dish and the utensil where the ingredients are cooked. Of Arabic…

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Estupeta de Atum

The delicious base of a traditional cold salad, which you will only find at the most typical of restaurants in Algarve. The tuna…

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Faro’s Santo António Street

51.4 km
45 mins

Already mentioned somewhere else in our suggestions is this top choice coming from Faro. This traditionally-cobbled…

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MAR Shopping (Loulé)

41.5 km
33 mins

Relatively new on the scene, this massive shopping complex has multiple shops, a designer…

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Algarve Shopping (Guia)

8.4 km
12 mins

Opened in 2001, this open-area shopping centre has a bunch of shops and boutiques for you to choose from, as well…

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Albufeira Old Town

10.3 km
16 mins

Albufeira’s centre is a great place to start! Its Old Town centre is positively bursting with traditional…

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8.4 km
12 mins

Open since 1991, this multifaceted space is partly devoted to the rehabilitation of marine animals. It has won…

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Ria Formosa’s Islands

49.7 km
41 mins

They’re a tad off from Albufeira, but trust us, they’re worth the trip. All accessible via ferry from either…

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Nossa Senhora da Orada Chapel

6.4 km
10 mins

A historic church whose construction dates back to the 18th century. It is the destination of the local tribute…

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The Mountains

several distances

The Algarve abounds with amazing natural beauty. Cases in point are the mountain ranges of Monchique (at 58 km), Espinhaço…

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Pau da Bandeira Belvedere

10.5 km
16 mins

Site of the old lighthouse and the mast that gives the site its name. It is…

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Paderne Castle

19.6 km
27 mins

A 12th-century historical fortress that is notable for being one of the castles present on the Portuguese …

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Faro Old Town and Centre

50 km
42 mins

Marvellously preserved medieval walls are just the start of it! It’s a bustling…

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The Clock Tower

7.9 km
14 mins

Torre do Relógio is an 18th-century clock tower set in Albufeira’s Old Town. It’s a great and iconic local…

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Boat Trips from the Albufeira Marina

6.5 km
12 mins

Regularly tranquil, the Algarve waters are the stage for trips of enormous beauty and excitement. The Albufeira Marina is the right place to begin exploring all of the existing options on offer!

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Algarve International Circuit

42.7 km
32 mins

Built in 2008, this elite racing venue was the site of the F1 Portugal Grand Prix in 2020, as well as the year’s…

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Ponta da Piedade

53.6 km
41 mins

This magnificent beach features a multitude of amazing rock formations and dazzling caves. There’s not really…

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Peneco Beach (and the Peneco Lift)

7.8 km
13 mins

A great beach with a very unique feature in the area: a lift that allows you to have a view from 28-metres above! A tremendous…

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Praia Grande de Pêra

7.1 km
15 mins

Silves is around a 25-minute drive from Albufeira and is the site of Praia Grande de Pêra. This popular 2-km-long…

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Salgados Beach

200 m
30 mins walk

An absolutely massive sand stretch, that provides safe and fun oceanside times for all the family! We can’t help but start off with a highlight on…

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São Rafael Beach

5.4 km
9 mins

A must for anyone coming to any point in the entire Algarve, much less for someone staying at a scant 10-minute drive …

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Arrifes Beach

5.5 km
10 mins

While you’re in the neighborhood, know that just off to the side of São Rafael, you will find …

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Falésia Beach

12 mins

One must always give a mention to the ever-popular Falésia Beach! This ample beach — it’s over 5.5 km…

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